SELOFALT Pavement Protective Shield

Technical Information


Product Description


Selofalt is a product especially developed for protecting bituminous pavements against external degrading agents and conditions, providing extended lifetime. The product forms a colored anti-skid shield, chemically bound to the pavement and highly inert to the action of most chemicals, fuel and organic compounds.

Selofalt is a liquid compound formed of two reactive ingredients in liquid form and may be produced in any color. The components must be mixed together immediately prior to installation on the bituminous pavement, which may be done by spray or conventional rollers.


How Selofalt works on the Pavement


Selofalt is suitable for treating new or old bituminous pavements, provided there is no substantial contamination (generally caused by oil, fuel or other materials spillage) or disintegration.

Selofalt is a two pack anti-skid protective surfacing material used to increase durability and improve safety on standard asphalt pavements. The product protects bituminous pavements against external aggressive substances that may spill on the surface such as oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, organic solvents and compounds, most chemicals, etc.

Selofalt will also protect bituminous pavements from the degrading action of the weather.

Supplied in liquid form, the product must be mixed right before application onto the pavement. Selofalt is applied by airless spray or rollers directly onto the pavement in one or more layers and may incorporate special coarse abrasive grit material in order to provide ultimate anti-skid conditions.

Selofalt works by penetrating the surface of the asphalt and chemically reacting to the existing bituminous binder, modifying it and forming a polymeric protective shied chemically bound to the pavement.

Critical areas of bituminous pavements treated with Selofalt have shown from 300 to 500% extended life compared with non-treated areas.

Advantages of using Selofalt


The exclusive high volume bus corridor located in the City of Sao Paulo in Brazil was treated by using yellow Selofalt in 1993. Three years later the bituminous pavement covered with Selofalt did not present sign of "plastic deformation", which commonly occurs after one year of use, due to the penetration of oil and derivatives that leak from the buses. Additionally, around 94% of the yellow surfacing film of Selofalt remained intact.


The picture below shows a high accident rated curve area in Rio de Janeiro, treated with Black Anti-Skid Selofalt in 1994.


Selofalt - Product Information

Product Presentation

Two Pack (A + B) reactive liquid form product

Physical State (20C)

A: Liquid - High Viscosity and Rheology

B: Liquid - High Viscosity

Viscosity (dPas - 20C)

A: 30 - 40

B: 10 - 20

Standard Colors

Black, Yellow, White, Green, Red, Blue.

Mixture Proportions A:B (%w)

86 : 14

Recommended Thinner


Thinning Rate

From 10 to 40 % Depending on application method.

Drying Time (20C)

2 hours

Curing Time (20C)

Initial - 5 hours

Final - 72 hours

Pot Life (20C)

1 hour

Coverage Rate

30 to 60 m2 / kit of 5 gallons of concentrate

Dry Film Thickness

0,20 a 0,40 mm

Film Aspect


Film Adherence

Extremelly high to most substracts including glass

Film Flexibility


Flash point (C.O.C)

A - 45C

B - 50C

Freezing Point

A - NA

B - Minus 4C


Chemical Resistance


over 72 hs)

Motor Oil


Hydraulic Oil






Organic Solvents


Inorganic Acids






Shelf Life

One Year

Storage Conditions

Store from 10 to 32C away from sun rays


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